Selgin on the history of 100% reserve banks

Th10 7, 2021
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But although equally present, God is not equally manifested everywhere. Thus God is revealed in His worship, but who sees Him? Not the careless or the carnal; but to holy men spiritual emotion has hallowed strange places, limefx broker reviews and made them temples. To Jacob, the stones became a temple. To Peter, the mountain where Christ’s glory shone became the Holy Mount. Nathaniel would never pass the fig-tree without feeling it to be a place of prayer.

If there ever was a grand protest against narrowness it is the protest of the text. Christianity is wide enough for all muscularities; it shuts out Roman amphitheatres and modern prize-rings, but thank God for the narrowness that shuts out brutality and blood. Christianity is wide enough for all art; it shuts out Pompeian chambers of obscenity, but thank God for the narrowness that shuts out beastliness and ghastliness. Christianity is wide enough for love and home; it shuts out Venus’s temple and Mohammed’s harem, but thank God for the narrowness that shuts out the degradation of women. Now this is capable of a satisfactory reply. Let us not despise our religious teachers.

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The Christian needs to be ready to account for his faith. He must be furnished for every good word and work. His mind should be stored only with remembrance-pictures upon which he can look with tranquility and delight. Sanctification is spiritual cleanliness. Christ will cleanse. And the soul made pure will manifest that purity in the outer life.

  • The penal result of sin Christ has exhausted, and now the cross that comes to you is garlanded with love.
  • How careless often have the builders been, anxious only to have quantity to show, regardless of quality.
  • Reveals to man the moral loveliness of God.
  • This hath caused more errors than anything, especially in learned men.

But there is something far grinder and more precious still–it is the new spirit which is breathed in every man who believes in Christ. V. Hitherto the farmer has only sown the grains and roots absolutely needed for sustenance; but now a garden and orchard are planted. And so in spiritual life. At first it is a tough, hard fight for life. By and by times of richer gladness come–more liberty, more hope.

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On God’s rock we lay our own foundations. The walls above are imperilled by the weakness of the walls below. Poor materials in the basement crack the roof overhead. The tall towers rock and reel because the undergirding is unsound. There are gifts of speech which Jack the support of the gifts of wisdom.

  • God, looking down says, in condemnation, yet pity, “Behold, I lay in Zion,” &c.
  • “Upon this rock will I build My Church,” &c.
  • It is a high building.
  • Life to us has its sorrows, but goodness and mercy have followed us hitherto, and they shall with equal certainty follow us all the days of our life.
  • II. This Divine temple of the soul differs from other temples, and hath a transcendent excellency above them.

Does he sit down and fret because the wind will not blow from the quarter that he would most prefer? No; he tacks about and catches every capful of wind that can be of use to him, and so reaches the haven at last. Look at a good commander, if he occupies a bad position, he turns that to account, and often makes the worse become the better. III. The sensualist. There is an idea abroad that life belongs to the man who lives to the end of self-indulgence. Life, here and now, is ours–it is our inheritance who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.

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In the variety of its materials. Moral character is built up by impressions, the emotions, thoughts, volitions; by all, in fact, that in any way affects us. I. There is as analogy between the formation of character and the erection of a building. Works are good and acceptable to God just according as they proceed from love–the love of God.

As Toby says above, betting on the direction that assets will move indirectly certainly is “non-traditional” and very similar to betting at a bookies. To some extent CDS are like selling or buying insurance. But, that depends on whether the institution involved has a position in the market.

Selgin on the history of 100% reserve banks

The benediction of heaven sweetens the lawful use of earthly goods. You are not required to play the ascetic. John came neither eating nor drinking; but the Son of man, who is your master, came both sating and drinking.

  • So all parties are full of expectations of progress–saints, scientists, socialists, are looking for ages of gold.
  • How necessary, in order that God may properly regard our approaches to Him and our devotion, that He should understand everything that affects thought or feeling at the time that those services are rendered!
  • The solid teaching is the proclamation of Christ and His great salvation.
  • The very restraint and moderation which the Christian creed imposes on all material enjoyment only puts us in fuller possession of that enjoyment.
  • Waving his hand about, “There,” said he, “that is my estate.” Then pointing to a great distance on one side, “Do you see that farm?
  • Do not destroy by cursing, nor by oaths!

It may be as you say that this particular form and the regulatory structure around modern banking accounts incentivizes the management of banks to behave is particular ways. But, I think that’s different from saying that it’s not a “traditional” banking activity. When its credit default swap liabilities had brought AIG into trouble, AIG was negotiating with its CDS counterparties to accept 60 cents on the dollar. Amazingly the failed creditor banks were better poker players than the guardians of US taxpayer funds and the banks won a 100% TARP bailout, or $62billion in respect of these AIG swaps. (See Johnson and Kwak “Thirteen Bankers” pp 169, 170).

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It is only in righteousness that there is progress. Moral advancement is the condition of all other advancement, and it would be utterly ruinous if our material prosperity outran our moral wealth. There is certain knowledge and a certain liberty you keep from a child, who could only abuse them; and you give him a spoon until he is fit to be trusted with knives, razors, and swords. So it is with the nations. It was necessary that there should be a fuller moral discipline in the race before we could be trusted with certain knowledge and instruments and forces.

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The starting-point of this exhibition is the warning to glory is nothing but our inheritance in Christ. Once before he had uttered it to claim for the crucified Redeemer His sole honour; now he repeats it to claim for the Christian inheritance its rights. The Son receives us into His Father’s house; and to each one He says, “All that I have is thine.” Henceforth we are servants to none but Himself in God. This leaves no room for self-complacency, for all is of Christ. When we join them with Christ as mediators, and make them co-partners, as it were, in spiritual effects as well as temporal.

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